Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Day Project, Day Two

Todays task: give someone a handwritten note....

Who doesn't love an encouraging note from a friend?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day One

A blog I stumbled upon a while back announced last week that they were launching a week-long "Happy Day" project, where you do one thing each day for a week to make someone happy. There is a schedule so you know what you need to plan for, with fun templates and printables to add to your "gift." I thought it sounded fun, and when I checked back today I realized that today was the day they were starting.

Lucky for me, today's assignment was to take a treat to a neighbor...I baked cookies last night to take to friend tonight...not technically a neighbor, but close enough. And this was one of the printables, which was perfect because....

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

I think this is such a fun idea and I love the idea of intentionally doing things daily to brighten someone else's day. Hopefully I can make it the whole week! Click here to read more info and get the whole schedule!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


My family went to St. Simons on vacation this summer and got to see this one and her little sister enjoy the beach. The condo we were stayed in had a pool that we spent some time at too. While we were playing in the pool one day, there was another family there that had a little boy several years older than Madelyn. Of course, he seemed much more interesting than us adults. His dad kept throwing him in the pool, he would scream and laugh, and swim over to his dad to do it again. Madelyn, who loves imaginative play, decided she wanted to go "rescue" him.

Well, being catapulted into a swimming pool over and over is tons more fun than playing with a 2 year old girl to this little boy, so needless to say, he wasn't paying her much attention. Her mom kept saying, "Madelyn, I don't think he wants to be rescued." But she kept swimming over there, insisting, "I want to rescue him, I want to rescue him!"

As I thought back over this scenario, I thought about how much this parallels our relationship with Christ. We go through life, working and playing and worrying and stressing and all the while Jesus is saying, "I want to rescue you!" But, instead of allowing Him to, we want to keep playing our own game, with our own rules, our own way. We either just ignore Him, or worse, say outright, "I don't want to be rescued." But just like Madelyn, He is persistent, constantly pursuing us, whispering to us, "I want to rescue you...I want to rescue you..." And all He wants us to do is ask...

He will rescue the poor when they cry to him;

he will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them.

He feels pity for the weak and the needy,

and he will rescue them.

He will redeem them from oppression and violence,

for their lives are precious to him.

Psalm 72: 12-14

Monday, September 19, 2011

all the single ladies

Forget guys calling my mom to get my phone number (yes, that really happened), now my Grandma is trying to set me up. Maybe she's starting to worry she won't get to see her oldest granddaughter tie the knot. Or she'll never have great-grandchildren from me. Here's how our phone conversation went last week....

Grandma: Mallory, I want to get your phone number. [think about that...she called me to get my phone number]
Me: Grandma, you have my number. It's stored in your phone.
Grandma: No I don't, it just says "Mallory," but not your number. [oh technology]
Me: Ok, there's a way to find my number, but I'll just give it to you.
Grandma: I want to give it to a certain someone. [certain someone happens to be the 27 year old single son of my grandma's hairdresser. they've been scheming to get us together for a while now.]
Me: Well, why don't you just tell him to look me up on facebook. [read: I don't want him to call me]
Grandma: You can talk to each other on facebook?
Me: Yes, you can chat and send messages.
Grandma: Well, ok, I'll tell him to do that then. You get on that facebook tomorrow night, ok?
Me: Ok, Grandma.

If this ends how these things typically end for me, I feel another blog post coming. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


no more tummy time for this girl!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Lose a Girl After 2 Dates

1. Begin initial communication via text messaging.

2. Tell her all about your ex-girlfriend - including how you bought her a ring, talked to her parents, and took her on a weekend trip to propose, only to change your mind because it didn't feel right, then find out after you get home that she has been cheating on you - on your first phone conversation (before you have even met her).

3. Ask personal questions about her previous relationships and why they ended, on your first phone conversation (before you have even met her).

4. Don't offer to pick her up to go on your first date.

5. After initial phone conversation, text her 10-15 times a day. Every day.

6. Talk about your ex-girlfriend. A lot.

7. After she tells you on a Sunday afternoon that she has a really busy week, with plans every night, text her later that night to invite her to your friend's birthday celebration on Thursday night.

8. Text her the next morning (before work) to invite her to go walking with you and your dog that afternoon.

9. Text her at least 5 times to continue to ask about said birthday celebration on Thursday night, even though she tells you "no" every time.

10. Begin text messaging at 7:30 am.

11. Send her a text that says she has to go out with you, "no excuses!"

12. After she loses her patience and tells you that she CANNOT GO OUT ON THURSDAY, text her the next morning, just to be sure. Three times.

13. Ask her if she's mad at you.

14. Tell all of your friends she is coming out with you when she has clearly said she was not.

15. Ask her to call you repeatedly.

16. Don't take no for an answer.

17. Ask her out after she has ignored your texts for 3 days.

18. When she says she is not interested, ask if she believes in second chances.

19. When she bluntly says she is not interested in you, text her first thing the next morning to invite her to to out later that week.

20. Repeat #'s 1-19.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The next couple of months are gonna be jam-packed with exciting events...from bachelorette weekends to babies to a cruise to weddings...lots and lots of fun packed into such a short amount of time!

First off, SSI for my best friend Laura's bachelorette weekend! We got a beach house and spent the weekend celebrating this girl!

We all got there Friday night and spent some time catching up and visiting with each other. Saturday afternoon we had her bridesmaids luncheon.

Perfect weather for an outside luncheon.

The bride with her bridesmaids.

Sweet gifts for everyone there. Laura gave all of the bridesmaids handmade gifts, along with a card with a quote, verse, or song lyric that she picked out especially for each bridesmaid. The quote she had on mine was...

"Everyone has a "best friend" during each stage of life. Only a precious few have the same one."

That pretty much sums us up.

After the luncheon, we all hit the beach for a couple of hours, then got ready for a yummy dinner at Barbara Jean's.

We headed back to the house for dessert and to let Laura open her lingerie gifts :)
Lingerie cupcakes from Lindsay :)

Then we headed out to Ziggy's for a night full of dancing!
We had such a great weekend celebrating Laura and her upcoming wedding!