Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Come Early

Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year. I was in several department stores over this past weekend, and the stores were already playing Christmas music! And, stores begin to bring out their Christmas decorations even before Halloween! I know that I'm guilty of saying, "I can't believe they've already got their Christmas stuff out!" or "Why do they bring the Christmas decorations out so early? It's not even Halloween yet!" But, as I was walking through Barnes and Noble this weekend, listening to some Christmas tunes, I was struck with a thought. Why not celebrate Christmas early? What better cause for celebration than the birthday of Jesus?! We (I) should celebrate Jesus' birth and God's ultimate gift to us ALL year long, so if stores want to pull out Christmas trees and play Christmas songs before Halloween, I'm all for it! Of course, many public places want Christmas to be completely secular and take away any faith-based aspect of it, but we, children of the King, know that that's simply not possible. THE reason we celebrate Christmas is Christ. So, next time you see stores pulling out their Christmas decorations in October, or hear Christmas songs being played before you've carved your jack-0-lantern, let it be a reminder of why we celebrate Christmas, and be thankful for the most incredible Gift we could ever ask for!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lessons Learned in Boston

Compiled by Mallory, Lindsay, and Erica

1. You are not cool unless you are wearing tall boots outside your jeans.

2. Dunkin' Donuts is to Boston as Starbucks is to NYC. There's one on every corner.

3. Mallory, Lindsay, and Erica walking down the streets of Boston = "Charlie's Angels" to the local homeless population. Or at least 2 of them. On the same day.

4. Paul Revere did not say, "The British are coming, the British are coming!" That makes no sense, according to the passionate historian at the Revere household. He said, "The Regulars are coming, the Regulars are coming!"

5. Churches feel the need to make political statements.

6. While staying on the 5th floor of the Holiday Inn Express, you may be forced to sleep with the window open and a fan propped in it, even though it's 40 degrees outside. But be careful, the fan could fall out the window into the alley below. Not that we (almost) found out the hard way.

7. While visiting Boston the last week in October, you may find yourself asking the question, "Is that a costume, or is that for real?"

8. People from Boston think we have an accent. We think they have an accent.

9. He might be lying in the hospital with amnesia, but more likely he's just not that into you. (Taken from He's Just Not That Into You: Your Daily Wake-Up Call. Only $1.01 at Urban Outfitters. We both got one.)

10. Never assume all statues are made of steel. Some are people spray painted gold.

11. Some waiters at seafood restaurants know that there is a God in heaven because lobsters that are the size of the table you are eating off of and that cost $200 do not happen by accident.

12. The Bruins do not play basketball. In fact, most cities only have 1 basketball team.

13. Never trust limo drivers at the airport, even when they tell you they are the same price as cabs. They lie.

14. Sometimes it's just too much trouble to open the door and walk 10 extra steps to the counter at McDonalds.

15. Umbrellas are useless during a monsoon.

16. Mike's Pastry is worth the wait.

(Okay, this has nothing to do with Boston, but it was the most quoted video of the trip. You should watch it.)

18. Three girls from Georgia visiting Boston are "real Southern belles" to a waiter from Boston.