Monday, September 19, 2011

all the single ladies

Forget guys calling my mom to get my phone number (yes, that really happened), now my Grandma is trying to set me up. Maybe she's starting to worry she won't get to see her oldest granddaughter tie the knot. Or she'll never have great-grandchildren from me. Here's how our phone conversation went last week....

Grandma: Mallory, I want to get your phone number. [think about that...she called me to get my phone number]
Me: Grandma, you have my number. It's stored in your phone.
Grandma: No I don't, it just says "Mallory," but not your number. [oh technology]
Me: Ok, there's a way to find my number, but I'll just give it to you.
Grandma: I want to give it to a certain someone. [certain someone happens to be the 27 year old single son of my grandma's hairdresser. they've been scheming to get us together for a while now.]
Me: Well, why don't you just tell him to look me up on facebook. [read: I don't want him to call me]
Grandma: You can talk to each other on facebook?
Me: Yes, you can chat and send messages.
Grandma: Well, ok, I'll tell him to do that then. You get on that facebook tomorrow night, ok?
Me: Ok, Grandma.

If this ends how these things typically end for me, I feel another blog post coming. Stay tuned...

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