Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Day Project: Day One

A blog I stumbled upon a while back announced last week that they were launching a week-long "Happy Day" project, where you do one thing each day for a week to make someone happy. There is a schedule so you know what you need to plan for, with fun templates and printables to add to your "gift." I thought it sounded fun, and when I checked back today I realized that today was the day they were starting.

Lucky for me, today's assignment was to take a treat to a neighbor...I baked cookies last night to take to friend tonight...not technically a neighbor, but close enough. And this was one of the printables, which was perfect because....

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

I think this is such a fun idea and I love the idea of intentionally doing things daily to brighten someone else's day. Hopefully I can make it the whole week! Click here to read more info and get the whole schedule!

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