Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling Crafty

I love making things! I get it from my Mama...she's the most crafty, creative person I know. Here are a few things I've done over the summer...

I stole this idea from Laurie B. ... I bought stools from JoAnn's and painted them as gifts for 2 little boys.

I found a quilted notecard tutorial and made these super-easy notecards with fabric scraps.

These are some bags I made as graduation gifts for my sweet OT friends. My mama monogrammed them on her new machine. (Since she got a new sewing/monogramming machine she let me have her old one. Yay!)

I had a lot of fabric left over from the bags, so I made a dress for my niece.

And, I made her a stool for her 1st birthday. Thanks Laurie for sharing this idea!


  1. love them!!! and i totally didn't recognize lbv as my initials, haha! oh, and i need to spend a weekend in metter at sewing school. thanks.

  2. Isn't crafting fun? Keeps you from having idle hands!